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Code: 1828
Shackles - Key pin with bar - 9/32" (7mm) flat key pin shackle with bar stainless steel aisi 304

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9/32" Stainless Steel Flat Shackle


Five Oceans´ shackles are manufactured with great quality, beautiful polish and smooth contours.

These high-resistance flat “D” shackles are made of stamped stainless steel to resist the harsh marine environment and are perfect for halyards or applications where the shackle has to be open often.

Keypin shackles are easily opened by a single half turn, but remain captive within the body of the shackle.

Keypin shackles with a bar allow the line, thimble or grommet to remain attached to the shackle when the pin is released.

> 304 Stainless Steel
> Breaking Load: 3960 Lbs (1800 Kgs)
> Captive pin style
> Can be used with one hand
> Halyard or thimble are attached to the eye, no risk to lose the shackle
> Opening and closing is done simply by rotating the pin half a turn
> No risk to lose the pin as it remains attached


CODE 1828

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