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Battery switches - Battery Isolator Switch, 50 V, 275amp, max 1250amp

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Battery Isolator Kill Switch


This flush mount with waterproof casing Five Oceans´ Battery Switch is great for using on boats, caravan, 4x4, winch power cable, etc, and it´s really easy to install.

It can be used with 8V up to 48V systems to isolate and secure the electrical system.

Manufactured with a durable, non-corrosive, ABS plastic housing to resist the harsh marine conditions.

The key can be removed while in the OFF position
>Positions: On/Off
> Flush Mount
>Disconnects the battery safely, to eliminate any power draw from the battery when vehicle or boat are not in use.
> Isolates 1 battery pack.
> UV stabilized bakelite vapor-proof housing - Built to last in marine conditions
> 4 mounting screw holes (mounting screws not included)
> Vapor Tight & ignition protected
> Rated at 1250 Amps Intermittent, 275 Amps continuous at 12V

Switch can be safely rotated to select either ON or OFF. Important: Engine must be stopped before selecting OFF; this is to protect the alternator.


CODE 3619

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