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Bilge pumps - Manual - Piston hand pump 477 mm (18-3/4")

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Manual Compact Bilge Pump


These Five Oceans´ bilge pump are made of tough corrosion-proof plastic and are suitable as a primary bilge pump on boats up to 40ft (12mts) in accordance with ISO 15083.

Keep your boat free of overflow water or rainwater with this high-volume bilge pump.

They are designed with a comfortable handle for easy pumping and include a 1" hose that should be attached to the

pump to route the water out of the boat easier.

These pumps are great for evacuating small boats, bilges, dinghies, kayaks, or any place where water collects.

> Portable design - lightweight
> Versatile flexible outlet pipe
> Ready to pump - 1" hose (no fittings or plumbing required)
> Ease of operation - simple handle plunger


CODE 3625

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