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Anchor windlasses - Anchor Windlasses - C612 Vertical Windlass 600W - 1/4" HT-G4 Chain 1/2" Rope

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C612 Vertical Windlass


This Five Oceans C612 Vertical Windlass has a stylish low-profile, 100% stainless-steel design sit elegantly on the deck. Not to mention,it’s fitted with a heavy-duty control arm and stripper. Noteworthy is the "failsafe" gypsy lock that prevents accidental deployment while underway. It includes an impact-resistant motor cover, solenoid and reed switch magnet fitted as standard for chain counter. For powerboats and sailboats.


If the deck is not flat, a suitable mounting pad may be required to take up camber or sheer. Decks that are thin, or of foam or balsa laminate construction, will require reinforcement in order to spread the loads that will be applied to the deck while the windlass is in use. The standard (1/4”) threaded mounting studs supplied suit deck and packing thickness of up to 32 mm (1 1/4”). These are adequate for most installations.

Package Includes (wiring and fasteners are not included)
- Solenoid
- Circuit Breaker
- Up/Down switch
- Foot Switches
- Manual


Boat Length: To 30'
Rode Type: Rope/Chain
Rode Size: 1/4" HT chain, 1/2" rope
Retrieval Speed: 50' per minute at 175 pound
Speed: Power Down 82 Feet per minute
Maximum Pull: 990 lbs (450 kg)
Motor: 600W
Voltage: 12 Volts
Current draw(A): 33 Amps
Max. working load (kgs/Ib): 150/330
Max. power pull (kgs/Ib): 450/990
Type: Vertical


CODE 3931

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