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Anchor windlasses - Five oceans - C612 Vertical Windlass 600W

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Vertical Stainless Steel Windlass 600W-12V


The Five Oceans´ C-Series Heavy Duty Style Windlasses are designed with parts above the deck made of high polished stainless steel 316.

These low profile vertical models are ideal for boats up to 30ft, with little space under the deck and with deck thickness less than 2" (50mm) and they work with chain only or rope/chain combination (accept 1/2" line and 1/4" chain).

Powerful and compact windlass made especially for tough conditions of the sea.

Windlass comes complete with solenoid, up/down switch, contactor (circuit breaker), foot switch and instructions. Wiring and fasteners are not supplied.

High speed drops of up to 85 ft (26mts) per minute.

As the motor/gear is installed under the deck these windlasses have a very smooth and silent operation.

This windlass only works with the following chain and rope types: 7mm (DIN766) - HT-G4 1/4" chain & rope 12mm ss316 (all accesories included)

Important Safety Information
• Do NOT use the windlass to haul a person up a mast
• Make sure your windlass has been correctly specified before installation. Personal safety
may depend on it. The windlass must have a maximum pull capacity of at least three times
the combined weight of the anchor and chain.
• Correct fit of the chain to the chainwheel is essential. See "Rope and Chain Selection Guide"
on page 12.
• Keep hands, feet, loose clothing and hair well clear of the windlass and rope/chain during
• While raising the anchor, run the boat's engine above idle. This will minimise the power drain
on the batteries.
• Never operate the windlass from a remote station without having a clear view of the windlass.
• Do NOT use the windlass as a bollard. When anchoring or mooring, secure the line directly
to a bollard or deck cleat.
• Do NOT use the windlass to pull the boat forward when raising the anchor. Use the boat's
engine to drive the boat up to the anchor.
• Do NOT attempt to break free a fouled anchor with the windlass. Secure the line to a bollard
or cleat and use the boat's engine to break the anchor out.
• Always firmly tie down the anchor when under way or in heavy seas. Do not rely on the
windlass as a securing device.
• Always turn the circuit breaker/isolator switch off when the windlass is not in use and before
you leave the boat.
• Keep the anchor rope/chain in good condition, free from knots and twists. Inspect the rope
regularly for chafe. Where this has occurred, repair by cutting away the affected portion and
Tip: The rope can be swapped end-for-end to extend its life.
• Tie the end of the anchor rope/chain rode to a secure fixture in the chain locker.

MANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR are not responsible of any injuries caused by improper use of the product


CODE 3931

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