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Compasses - Hand bearing - Ritchie sport (Zone 1)

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Trek Surface Mount Compass - White


The Ritchie SportAbout Handheld Compass is a relatively inexpensive handheld. Perfect for a backup on the boat or to navigate on the shore.

Get a quick fix day or night
A compass made for sailing and watersports! Hold it in your hand, or tie it down to your kayak with special mounting harness. Compass features Ritchie´s QuickSight V-notch sighting system for easy heading alignment and a lubber line for reading the compass.

Small non-electric chemical light sticks (3 included) provide 18 hours of lighting at night. Easy-to-read dial is 2´´ in diameter. International safety yellow, impact resistant case with neck lanyard.

> Puck style hand compass
> Sighting System: Arm´s length
> Easy to Read 2` Direct-Reading Dial
> Hardened Steel Pivot and Sapphire Jewel Movement
> Built-in Roller Diaphragm for Extended Temperature Operating Range
> International Safety Yellow Case
> Silicon Impact Resistant Case with Neck Lanyard
> Compact Size for Easy Handling and Storage
> QuickSight V-Notch and Lubber Line for Easy Heading Alignment
> Non-Electric Chem Sticks Provide 18 Hours of Night Lighting


CODE 3238

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