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Compasses - With brackets - Ritchie sport w/brackets (Zone 1)

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RitchieSport Bracket Mount Compass Marine Version White


This compact compass is ideal for small powerboats, canoes, and kayaks.

The versatile bracket mounting system can be swiveled-down for flat surfaces or reversed for windshields and vertical surfaces. It has built-in compensators and 12V night lighting. Mounting pad: 1-1/4´´ x 1-1/4´´.

Ritchie Sport Compasses mounted on your deck, mounted on your windshield, mounted in your dash.

Here´s the compass that´s just the right size for small boats or sports vehicles.

> Easy-to-Install on Windshield or Dash
> Two-Sided, Self-Adhesive Mounting Pads Included
> 2´´ Direct-Reading, High Visibility Dials
> Reversible Bracket allows a mounting range of over 300 degrees from overhead, through angled and vertical mounts to horizontal surfaces
> These mounting position options and your choice of mounting hardware permit mounting on everything from windshield or supporting frame structures, to slanted dashboards and consoles, to almost any flat, angled or vertical surface
> Internal Green Night Lighting
> High Temp Composite Construction for Extended Operating Range
> Hardened Steel Pivot and Sapphire Jewel Movement
> Built-in Compensators
> Color: White
> 5-Year Ritchie Warranty

All Magnetic Compasses are vulnerable to magnetic interference, which will produce errors, called deviation. It is the Owner/Operator and/or Helmsman´s responsibility to make sure the compass is properly installed and compensated. Compensation is the act of correcting for deviation. Magnets (speakers, microphones etc.), ferrous metals (steel, iron, etc.) and current carrying devices are common causes of deviation. It is important to understand that magnetic compasses point toward Magnetic North. There is a difference between Magnetic North and True North, and that difference is called variation. Variation differs depending on your geographical location and can be determined by referring to a local chart.


CODE 3230

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