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Electric winches - Five oceans - Electric Trailer Recovery Winch, 3000 LBS

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Electric Recovery Winch
3000 Lbs - 12V


This Five Oceans Electric Winch is a must-have for recovery applications and it´s really easy to use. Includes everything you need for setup and operation. Great to be used in ATV.

> 12v DC 1.3hp (0.95kw) Permanent magnet motor draws less current, ideal for ATV use
> Differential planetary gear system for fast line speed and sure hold
> Automatic load-holding brake for maximum safety

> Cam action clutch for free-spooling (fast line-out without using electric power)
> Handsaver hook and pulley hook included
> Circuit breaker protected
> Remote Switch
> Mounting plate
> 4-way Roller fairlead
> Rated line pull: 3000lb. (1361 kg); Single-line and First layer performance
> Gear ratio: 153:1
> Wire rope (Dia.x L): 0.22´´ x 46´ (5.6mm x 14m)
> Drum size (Dia.x L):1.5´´ x 2.87´´ (38 x 80mm)

1) Do not use winch as a hoist, do not use for transportation of people.
2) Don´t operate and spool under full load over one minute continuously.
3) While motor is over heating, please stop for a while to cool down.

Winch Warnings and Precautions;

- Keep hands and body away from fairlead (cable intake slot) when operating.
- Secure vehicle in position before using winch.
- Do not exceed winch load weight capacity.
- Be certain winch is properly bolted to a structure (or vehicle) that can hold the winch hold.
- Always use proper couplings when connecting winch cable hook to load.
- Do not left items vertically. The winch was designed for horizontal use only.
- Do not overload the winch. It will do the job better at the load it was intended.
- Do not use inappropriate attachments to extend the length of the winch cable.
- Never lift people or hoist loads over people.
- Never come in between the winch and the load when operating.
- Do not apply load to winch when cable is fully extended. Keep at least 4 full turns of cable on the reel.
- After moving an item with the winch secure the item. Do not rely on the winch to hold it for an extended period.
- Examine winch before using. Components may be affected by exposure to chemicals salts and rust.
- Never fully extend cable while under load. Keep 4 complete turns of cable around the winch drum.
- When loading a boat into a trailer without keel or side hull rollers, make sure the trailer is submerged in the water when the boat is loaded by the winch. Attempting to drag the boat on to the trailer while on land can cause winch failure and possible injury.
- Never operate winch if cable shows any signs of weakening, is knotted or kinked.
- Winch does not have a locking mechanism. Secure load after moving.
- Do not cross over or under cable under load.
- Do not move vehicle with cable extended and attached to load to pull it. The cable could snap.
- Use gloves while handling cable.
- Apply blocks to vehicle when parked on an incline.
- Re-spool cable properly.

MANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR are not responsible of any injuries caused by improper use of the product


CODE 3438

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