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Code: 3610
Bilge pumps - Spare parts/ accessories - Float switch 20amp

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Automatic Float Switch - Heavy duty


These Five Oceans´ non-mercury heavy duty automatic float switches are manufactured in corrosion resistant and explosion proof material for the toughest applications.

The new mercury-free switches with "SNAP" movement have ultrasonic welding, making them reliable and secure.

> Long life, switching frequency up to 10 million times; Ultrasonic welding
> Turns pump on when water level reaches 2" (51mm)
> Turns pump off when water level reaches 3/4"(19mm)
> Shells made of high quality ABS material
> Ideal flow sensor for bilge pumps with removable base for easy cleaning and servicing
> Heavy duty flow switch is designed for the toughest applications; Environmentally responsible.

- Max Amps 12volts: 20A
- Max Amps 24volts: 10A
- Max Amps 32volts: 8A
- Wire Length: 3ft (1meter)


CODE 3610

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