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Code: 2379
Galley/head - Fop 26 pump 12v 2.6 gpm 30 psi with filter CLOSE OUT DISCONTINUED NO WARRANTY

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Automatic 12v water diaphragm pump with filter. Height: 85mm, Width: 114mm; Length: 218mm; Weight: 3.9 Lb (1.9 Kg).
Flow rate: up to 10 litres/min (2.6 US gallons/min).

Max Pressure: 1.2bar (30psi), with pressure switch control.
Port Type: ¾" hose and ¾" thread included.

Quick-connect plug-in ports for easy installation.
Quiet operation and smooth flow.
Silent running.
Low power draw.
Runs dry without damage.

Note: The built-in bypass valve eliminates the need for an accumulator tank. Do not install in a system with an accumulator tank. The tank will interfere with the internal bypass valve.

CODE 2379

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