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Fuel line - Bulbs - Primer Fuel Bulb, 5/16”

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Primer Bulb for 5/16" Hose


Primer fuel bulbs are exposed daily to harmful UV rays and petroleum products that can breakdown the materials. Due to this excess damage they often need to be replaced, Five Oceans offers a solution to this situation by designing a 5/16” fuel bulb with durable rubber and dull check valves (increasing output). This product is great for export, not EPA approved. In addition, highly engineered to with stand a range of temperatures, ethanol blended fuels as well as suitable for boats, RVs, tractors, and caravans.

- Compatible with ethanol blended fuels
- Bulb Size: 5/16”
- Exclusive check valves allow priming in multiple orientations without restricting fuel flow
- Bulb design resists collapsing under vacuum and ballooning under pressure
- Stainless steel steeples clamps for leak- free performance
- FO product number 2875


CODE 2875

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