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Fuel line - Filters - Fuel Filter Water Separator for Mercury

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Fuel Filter Water Separator


High-performance fuel injected engines require ultimate water separation, fuel filtration and maximum fuel flow. Five Ocean’s filter elements deliver all three of these critical performance factors and are engineered for today’s stern drives, inboards, and 2-cycle and 4-cycle outboards. Ethanol-blended fuels hold more water and can increase the chances of water in fuel tanks, resulting in premature wear, poor performance and component damage.

These fuel filters are designed to successfully remove 99% of the emulsified water found in fuels. Contaminants over 10 microns can cause severe damage in close tolerance modern fuel pumps and injectors; Five Oceans filters have 90% efficiency rate of removing these harmful contaminates while maintaining fuel flow rates to meet the demands of modern high performance engines.


• Application: Gasoline
• Filtration: 10 Micron
• Fuel Flow: 60gph
• Remove 99% of emulsified water from fuel
• 90% efficient at removing particulate contamination

CODE 3669

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