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Code: 3099
Fuel line - Universal Marine Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb, 3/8"

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Universal Marine Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb, 3/8”


Universal Marine Fuel Line Outboard Primer Bulb for Boats, which both come with a 3/8” (bulb/hose). Designed with a premium quality rubber material that meets a wide range of temperatures and reinforced durability. This product is great for export, not EPA approved. In addition, built in check valve, which offers superior resistance to U/V, ozone and ethanol blended fuels.

Disclaimer: Product does not come with an engine or tank fittings, as it is just a universal fuel line.

- Compatible with ethanol blended fuels
- Universal Fuel Line
- Premium quality rubber bulb
- 6ft Hose
- Dual check valves allow priming in multiple orientations without restricting fuel flow
- FO product number 3099


CODE 3099

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