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Fuel tanks - 6 Gallon Fuel Tank / Portable Kit (OMC/Evinrude/Johnson) 5/16"

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Universal Marine Fuel Tank Kit Five Oceans


Replace your old fuel system with our Five Oceans Marine Fuel Tank Kit. The best solution to restore the supply fuel system of your boat.


-Topside Fuel Tank with Gauge (6 Gallons) – Five Oceans: 3312
-Universal Fuel Line with Primer Bulb - 5/16´´ Hose – Five Oceans: 3100
-Fuel Line Female Connector for OMC, Johnson & Evinrude - Five Oceans: 2885
-Male and female two prong clip style Fuel Line Connector for Johnson & Evinrude - Five Oceans: 2885 & 2886
-Hose clamps - Din type hose clip – Five Oceans: 2324 (x2)
-Just add the connector (not included) compatible with your specific engine at the end of the fuel line - See models 2885, 2888 and 2900 from Five Oceans.
-Our fuel tank delivers an amazing performance and reliability. It is really tough and durable. It meets the functional and safety requirements of the harsh marine environment.
-Our New Design eliminates fuel evaporation and loss by containing fuel vapor.
-They´re better for the environment and reduce fuel costs as all the fuel you purchase stays where it belongs-in your tank.
-It features a 90° ¼´´ NPT fuel fitting and an easy-to-read, slosh resistant, high contrast fuel gauge that accurately monitors the level of remaining fuel without requiring the removal of the fuel cap.
-Injection molded, multi-layer construction provides, beyond their stated fuel capacity, a 5% vapor space to safely allow for fuel thermal expansion.
-Perfect for inflatables and dinghies.
-High strength ergonomic handle.
-Easy-to-read mechanical direct sight gauge included.
-Dimensions: 23´´ (L) x 11.4´´ (W) x 8.85´´
-Capacity: 6 Gallon (22.7 Lts)
-UV and Ozone resistant.
-High strength Universal Pick Up Tube with standard ¼´´ NPT fuel fitting.

Fuel Line
Upgrade older tanks to the latest low-permeation fuel line standards with this fuel line assembly. It includes a premium quality rubber bulb and fuel hose, 360° stainless steel hose clamps. Fully compatible with Ethanol blended fuels.

Note: These are universal fuel lines and as such do not come with engine or tank fittings.

-Meets EPA low permeation mandates.
-Ethanol resistant.
-Double check valves.
-Stainless steel clamps.
-Engineered low permeation material prevents fuel evaporation, saving fuel and money
-Bulb engineered to maintain flexibility and prevent collapse in hot and cold temperatures
-6´ overall length

-Female two prong clip style fuel line engine connector with 5/16` barb. Made of resin - Five Oceans: 2885
-Male two prong clip style tank connector with ¼´´ NPT, made of brass - Five Oceans: 2886

Hose Clamp (x2)
Hose clamps - Din type hose clip aisi304 5/16" 3/8-5/8" (8mm x 10-16mm) - Five Oceans: 2324 (x2)


CODE 3882

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