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Galley/head - Shurflo fresh water pumps - WASHDOWN KIT II DELUXE 4.0

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ProBlaster Washdown Kit II


SHURflo´s washdown kit includes everything you need for tough washdown applications all in one box.

The kit includes the Next Generation ProBlaster™ Pump, Fittings, Blaster™ Nozzle, Raw Water Strainer and 25´ coiled hose.

Perfect for tough washdown applications, such as fish box, scaling and anchor chain cleaning, these rugged self-priming pumps deliver high lift, can run dry without damage and won´t overheat with extended use.

Pumps are ignition & thermally protected. Sealed switch to prevent water damage.

The Pro Blaster wash down pump delivers water on demand. With the spray nozzle off (output side closed) the pump will turn off. As the nozzle is opened, the pressure within the hose (output side) drops. Once the pressure drops below a predetermined point, the pumps pressure switch closes and the pump operates. With the nozzle set at a fine mist the pump will cycle, as it is able to pressurize the hose faster than water being released. If the spray nozzle is held wide open the pump may operate continually. The pump may momentarily operate even after the nozzle is closed, as it pressurizes the hose. Once the pressure setting is reached the switch opens and the pump stops.

> Premium 4.0 GPM ProBlaster Washdown Pump
> Sealed Switch
> Run Dry Capability
> Ignition Protected
> UV Protected White Flexible Coiled Hose with Garden Hose Connections
> SHURflo Raw Water Strainer Protects Pump from Harmful Debris
> Fittings
> Blaster™ Nozzle
> CE Listed
> 2 Year Warranty

CODE 3654

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