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Fuel line - Connectors - Johnson/Evinrude Female Fuel Line Connector 3/8” Barb

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Johnson/Evinrude Female Fuel Line Connector 3/8” Barb


Johnson/Evinrude female fuel line connector 3/8” barb is proposed to restore the leak-proof connection between fuel lines and portable tanks. This is because over time fuel line connectors can lose the ability to maintain a proper seal when connected to a portable fuel tank. The clips wear out, plastic sockets can deform beyond the seal an O-ring can provide. In addition, through time this wear can cause the connection to leak resulting in a potentially dangerous situation.

This product is great for export, unable to be sold in California, not EPA approved. Restore the connection and eliminate the dangers of a leaky connection using Five Ocean’s fuel line connectors. This Johnson/Evinrude connector features a 3/8"barb compatible with most factory fuel lines.

- Female Connector
- Johnson/Evinrude (OMC)
- 3/8” Barb
- Outboard
- FO product number 2152

CODE 2152

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