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Motor flushing systems - Outboard motor flusher, universal, black finish square plastic cups.

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Outboard Motor Flusher with
Rectancular Cups


Extend your outboard engine´s life by regularly flushing out salt, silt, grime, etc.

Clamping this Five Oceans´ flusher over your engine´s water intake on the lower unit and fresh water from a hose is all you need.

It´s great for tune-ups and other maintenance that requires running an outboard engine out of the water.

> Extend your outboard engine´s life by regularly flushing out salt, silt and grime
> Clamp over water intake then flush outboard with a garden hose
> Product is 100% Brand new
> Rectangle 5" x 3-1/4" (127mm x 83mm) PVC muffs
> Marine-Grade Black epoxy coated spring steel frame
> Suitable for inland weekly engine starts
> A strong, stable and secure connection
> Easiest and most convenient way of flushing the engine to remove salt water and reduce corrosion
> Suits a wide range of outboard, stern & inboard motors.
> Please ensure your lower unit has side water intakes & double check muff dimensions.
> 100% high-quality guaranteed & durable design


CODE 1884

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