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Code: 3614-C1
Bilge pumps - Spare parts/ accessories - 2 x Bilge pump 500 gph mini pump 12v. 2.2a , outlet 3/4" + 1 Float switch 20amp (2x3614+1x3610)

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(2) Electric Bilge Pump 500 GPH and (1) Automatic Float Switch


Five Oceans´ pumps are made of tough ABS material, which makes them corrosion-proof.
Since they are designed for the marine environment, they are especially popular on sailboats and powerboats, but they are also great to be used in, RVs and Caravans. The build-in mounting bracket allows easy installation.

Flow Rate: 500 GPH
Voltage: 12 VDC
Outlet: 3/4"
Amp Draw: 2.2 Amp
Liquid Temperature: 110º F (43º C) Max.
Fully Submersible
Easy clean snap lock strainer
Silent and vibration less operation
Compact, efficient long life motor
Rust and Corrosion protection
Anti-Airlock protection
Exclusive moisture tight seals
Marine grade blocked wiring

Automatic Float Switch

These Five Oceans´ non-mercury heavy duty automatic float switches are manufactured in corrosion resistant and explosion proof material for the toughest applications.
The new mercury-free switches with "SNAP" movement have ultrasonic welding, making them reliable and secure.
Long life, switching frequency up to 10 million times; Ultrasonic welding
Turns pump on when water level reaches 2" (51mm)
Turns pump off when water level reaches 3/4"(19mm)
Shells made of high quality ABS material
Ideal flow sensor for bilge pumps with removable base for easy cleaning and servicing
Heavy duty flow switch is designed for the toughest applications; Environmentally responsible.

- Max Amps 12volts: 20A
- Max Amps 24volts: 10A
- Max Amps 32volts: 8A
- Wire Length: 3ft (1meter)

CODE 3614-C1

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