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Tiedowns - Ratchet buckle - Webbing Tensioner, 1"

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1" Web Ratchet Buckle


These heavy-duty Five Oceans´ galvanized steel ratchet buckles are manufactured with great quality and are great to be used in winch straps.

They are designed to fit 1" webbing strap and are used for tie-down, ratchet straps, webbing, cargo, lashing, etc.

> Breaking Load: 3,300 lbs (1,500 Kgs)
> Working Load Limit: 1,100 lbs. (500 Kgs)

To Tighten:
When the end fitting of the ratchet are properly in place, pull the webbing slack through the slot in the ratchet mandrel. Tighten the strap by ratcheting the handle up and down until secure. A minimum of two turns of webbing should be around the mandrel after tensioning. To secure the ratchet in a lock position, pull the handle down against the frame.

To Release:
To release, pull back on latch lock handle and rotate the handle approximately 180 degrees. At this point, the web will easily slip out of the ratchet.

WARNING: The use of cheater bars or other means of increasing the leverage on a ratchet buckle handle can cause serious injury to the user and/or bystanders. Cut, worn or damaged strap assemblies should be immediately replaced. The strength of strap assemblies is rated at its weakest point.


CODE 2944

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