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Code: 716
Cabin fans & heaters - TMC Fixed Mount Oscillating Fan, 12V

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6´´ Oscillating Marine Fan - 12V.


Long-established designed marine fan for cabin and galley. Ideal for keeping air circulated in hot or humid days. It can oscillate 120 degrees horizontally or can be fixed to a stationary position. Vertical adjustment is also possible for enhanced alignment. Made of durable ABS, it’s equipped with on/off switch. It’s very quiet 12 volt motor draws only 1.4 amps. Design with three transparent blades and 30pcs PVC coated guard.

6" Acrylonitrile Styrene blade
Motor 12VDC
Air Velocity 11.18 mile/hour (300meters/minute)
Air displacement 193CFM
Amp Draw 1.4
Fuse Size 2amp

CODE 716

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