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Code: 1518
Switches - Emergency switches - Emergency Cut- Off Switch with Coiled Lanyard

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Emergency Cut- Off Switch with Coiled Lanyard


This emergency cut-off switch is perfect for those of us with older boats. Making it safer and much more secure in adding extra protection. In an emergency, this quick pull design on the lanyard stops the engine, preventing unplanned clash. Installs directly into ignition line; in addition, come with a switch, a red-coiled lanyard, and two disconnects.

- Five Oceans (FO] Emergency Cut-Off Switch
- For use with conventional or magneto ignitions
- FO product number: 1518
- Red Coil Extendable Lanyard/ Snap Hook
- Seals out moisture
- Buoy attached to lanyard
- Includes two (2) wire connectors

CODE 1518

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